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CONGRATULATIONS on your upcoming WEDDING.  This is indeed an exciting time for any couple and we wish you well, not only for your special day,

but in the years to follow.

On that note let me say I hope you enjoyed our home page as much as I enjoyed creating it.  It took me back to my childhood and came from my heart.    

Relaxation for me has always been an outlet of expression of my thoughts and feelings and I have dabbled in many arts and crafts, photography being only one of them.

The age old saying goes; a picture is worth a thousand words….. but for each of us, a picture is really a personal experience.


For a wedding it is not only about the romance and most significant details, but capturing the dream which blossomed to become your very own love story.  Your

photos will reflect your day and the joy, passion, tears, love, laughter, and other endearing moments shared by you as a couple, your friends, and family - moments

which otherwise would be lost forever.   There is nothing more magical than sharing a private moment exchanged by the bridal couple, be this a touch, a kiss, or

even a joke.  To watch and share in the raw intensity of a couples emotions and expressions as they say their vows and share that first kiss as newly-weds, makes

it easy for us to continue believing in the magic of love.  Believe it or not, after 30 years as a married couple, we can still share one another’s thoughts just with a

Look  or a touch.  Love is special and a soul mate even more so....!!

For us it’s all about getting to know your character and understanding how you, as a couple, visualise the images and scenes that will ultimately capture your

Love story.  With modern technology comes endless editing options, black and white, sepia, soft and romantic, bold and enhanced, blur, etc.  All of these options

can be explored with you so that we adopt a style you are comfortable with.  We work as a team, are easy going and flexible to new ideas and suggestions, and  

of course love coffee and travel..!!!

Our love for travel, nature and the outdoors led us into wedding photography and videography.  Colin is my anchor and very own “Steven Spielberg” and has always had a video camera in his hand.  On our 10th wedding anniversary, as the aeroplane was taxing to take off, you can hear me clearly saying on the video

Please get that thing out of my face”.  Pure panic at first time flying but recorded forever and now a loving memory for me!  It’s these unpredictable and spontaneous elements that add another layer to your story filled with magical moments and dreams that we wish to capture and turn into Loving Memories

for you to enjoy in your Forever After....…

Now that you have an insight to who we are as a couple, we hope to meet and share coffee with you real soon!

Direct Link Photography - Your Link to Loving Memories.